Samah Meghjee (pronounced like "summer" with a Boston accent) is a Muslim comedy writer and filmmaker based in Chicago and Atlanta. She is currently an MFA Candidate in Writing for the Screen and Stage at Northwestern University's School of Communication. Her graduate thesis screenplay, Quran Camp, will receive a professional reading at the Chicago Wirtz Center in the 2021-2022 season.

Primarily a comedy writer, Samah is interested in women and queerness in Islam, second-generation-immigrant-ism, and identical twin-ness. In 2019 her short film, Therapist Speed Dating, had a limited premiere on Amazon Prime Video. Her senior thesis pilot Bad Muslims was awarded grants through the Goldwasser Fund. Her children's one act, The Mysterious Mystery of the Lost Letters, co-authored by her identical twin, was published by Brooklyn Publishers in 2016.

Previously, Samah has interned at the Alliance Theatre, Super Gerbils Inc., and Third Rail Studios. She earned a BA in English & Creative Writing and Media Studies from Emory University. She graduated summa cum laude. She cannot believe she just typed the word "cum" onto her very professional website.​

Her full-length screenplays include Quran Camp and The Jinncoming. She has also written numerous comedy pilots, short films, and stageplays, including Naan & Lox, A Jinn in Every House, and Madressa. If you would like to read any of Samah's writing or get access to her famous chai recipe, feel free to send an email to, or access her works on The Black List. Seriously, it's a really good chai recipe.

In Samah's free time, she loves thrifting vintage pants, finding the nearest British chocolate, and cooking for her loved ones.

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