• Samah Meghjee

A Birthday and a Half

Two weeks ago I turned 21, and my best friend Andy got me a very expensive present. Two months ago Andy turned 21 and until about 12 hours ago I still didn't know what I was going to get him. So instead of spending any money on him, I decided to be both late AND cheap and make him some stuff.

A real Panhandle Slim.

Andy's favorite artist is Pandhandle Slim, a street artist from Andy's hometown of Savannah. Andy even owns an original Panhandle Slim. Here's one of my personal favorites from PS's Instagram.

A big part of my friend group is writing down funny quotes that each other says and then referencing them out of context. So, I Panhandle Samah'd one of my favorite photos of Andy with one of my favorite out-of-context quotes of his.

A fake Panhandle Slim, affectionately dubbed a "Panhandle Samah."

This will be Andy's card. The rest of Andy's present are a few more inside jokes turned into stickers. Here are some of them:

I love birthdays!!! I love presents!!! I love making up for being a bad friend two months after the fact!!!

Happy birthday, Andy. I hope you don't see this before I actually give you your gift.

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